Energy, Intention and Healing, An Overview


The field of bio-medicine and biology has for a long time being associated with a reductionist paradigm which regards the human body as a complex machine made of bio molecules or working parts.  These parts can all  be replaced/exchanged/deleted  or reduced, hence the name “Reductionism.”, and despite its successes, this model has also been criticized for its limitations. This perspective fails to acknowledge some important characteristics of life such as the nature of consciousness, the role of spirituality and prayer and holistic modalities such as energy- based medicine and function.  Recent articles and studies all point to the vital importance of these factors in the healing process.

A holistic perspective of life involves full human potential in healing and health that is incorporated into contemporary medicine and science to build an integrative model of medicine. I propose the incorporation of physics, quantum mechanics, which acknowledges that the living system, our bodies, is a nonlinear, dynamic, self- organizing and complex system in the field of medicine. This is enshrined in the principle of non-equilibrium thermodynamics of open and chaos conceptual framework. The concept of biomolecules in the biological mechanisms (biomedicine) is expanded in the holistic perspective to incorporate electromagnetic fields that act as information signals. The exchange of information is extended from the ordinary physical means to integrate communication conveyed by means of the subtlest intent, belief, thought and prayer.

In addition, I propose that human beings and other living organisms such as plants, cell cultures and animals have emergent characteristics such as interconnectedness, which are dependent on the context and meaning associated with illness, health and healing. This is based on top- down causality mechanism (vitalism) as well as the bottom-up reductionism. This makes up a more inclusive model of disease and health based on such as concepts as multi- dimensional and extended theory of information- sharing. This article reiterates that the small changes in living organisms’ that were initially ignored by biologists and physicists cannot be ignored anymore, as even the smallest fluctuations in life can have significant effects on life. In this regard, the smallest contribution from subtle healing interventions such as those portrayed by acupuncture, qi gong, Reiki, spiritual healing, pranic healing and other energy- based modalities can not be ignored.

This is a meta- analysis of several empirical experiments in different fields related to energy, intention and healing. It brings out the interconnectedness between the various disciplines such as biology, physics, parapsychology and psychology and actively advocates for a holistic view of disease and health, based on some relevant concepts enshrined in these disciplines. Of importance also is the scientific framework of how holistic interventions based on mind- body- spirit interrelationship impact on the global mechanisms rather than focus on a particular physical structure.

This study is divided into four parts. The first section is a background of the study and gives the overall objective. This section provides the definition of terms used in the study.

The first section,  literature review,  focuses on the basic foundations of energy- based modalities and gives a detailed description of acupuncture and spiritual healing. The concept of reductionism versus vitalism, the aura and its discharges, quantum mechanics and quantum healing are also covered. This section ends with a discussion of the existing differences between biomedicine and traditional and complementary medicine, with specific interest in a country that is known from time memorial to incorporate energy- based modalities into the national health care system, China.

Next we will review clinical studies on intention, energy and healing. This forms the main discussions on various experiments and studies that have been conducted on the topic of discussion. These includes experiments on psi, staring effect experiments, random generator and Johrei experiments, the Global Consciousness Project, therapeutic touch studies, experiments on healing prayer in AIDs patients, experimenters expectancy, intention experiments, and energy healing experiments among others. This section also looks at important aspects of energy, intention and healing as noted by authors of such books as “Entangled minds-extrasensory experiments in a quantum reality” (Dean Radin), “Healing beyond the body” (Larry Dossey) among others.

The last chapter gives a summary of the experiments discussed in chapter three, recommendations of how this information could be brought into the healing process and the education of healers..