Here are testimonials from my clients who have seen remarkable changes in their health and well being:

“My TMJ is gone. I can chew on apples and carrots again and there is no pain” Edith B. Arcadia, CA

“Since I started doing acupuncture and neurofeedback I no longer crave alcohol and drugs like I use to. Since starting treatment my mind has been clear, and I am clean and sober.” Debra R. Los Angeles, CA

“The low back pain I had was gone after only 2 treatments.” Janet F.Studio City, CA

“I haven’t had a migraine in over 4 months and I use to get them 3 – 4 times a week before acupuncture.” Beth S. No. Hollywood, CA

“My thinking is more clear. I have my life back, I can drive, the light doesn’t hurt my eyes and best of all I can remember where I am going and get there without getting lost on the way.” Sandy R. Huntington Beach, CA

“I can find the words I want faster and easier. I am not fumbling around for what I want to say” Ray F .Pasadena, CA

“I am more steady on my feet, I walk easier and farther then I use to.” Jim M. Mpls, MN

“I think I am doing better in my college courses than I did before. I feel calmer and easier to be happy regardless of what is going on around me.” Victoria I. Sun Valley, CA

“I feel happier, not depressed. I have this feeling that I can get the job done now, before I always seem to have doubts about doing something new.” Lisa D. Newport Beach, CA

“My son’s reading skills have improved two grade levels and now he is at the top of his class.” Brooke P. Glendale, CA